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MSM Alumni Chapter in China

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Written by Administrator    Monday, 05 January 2009 01:58



Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC) proposed to work with Maastricht school of management by the end of May 2008 to establish a closer collaboration in terms of joint alumni events and promotion activities. Maastricht school of management has made a very prompt reaction on this issue, and we decided to organize a Joint Young Professional Event in Beijing in order to celebrate the setting up of MSM alumni chapter in China.


Having exchanged many ideas and suggestions between alumni officers from two sides, this event was eventually organized on the 11th of July 2008 in Beijing with a great success, which was served with consistent support by Ms. Eloisa Acosta, MSM alumni officer.


Mr. Gerard Steeghs, Minister Plenipotentiary at Netherlands Embassy, delivered a short official congratulation opening speech regarding Dutch Higher Education in General and the establishment of MSM alumni chapter in China. Mr. D’Alessandro, outreach program lecturer, is an experienced entrepreneur and management consultant. He gave a presentation “Taking up the Challenges of Entrepreneurship” during this event. Many questions have been asked by the students, all have shown a great interest. Mr. Stephen P. D'Alessandro gave the alumni a wonder lecture, the concept and vision he shared with alumni is very practical and necessary for them to win in their future endeavor.


Ms. Amy Wang, director of outreach program at MSM did as short speech on Study in Holland as well as the latest development of Dutch Higher Education. Mr. Matias Miao, MSM alumni reside in Shanghai, has been appointed as NANC Board of Representative as well as MSM alumni chapter coordinator in China. He expressed his willingness to strengthen the network between NANC and MSM.


Furthermore, MSM chapter in China will have its own news board under the new website of the NANC, which will be completed constructed in a few weeks. Content at least should include: updates of development news from MSM, alumni directory/database, forum, event calendar and important links from MSM.


Further promotion of MSM in China

After returning to China, some alumni will go work for universities, or other research organizations and others will go work for companies. If the relationship with MSM is strong, alumni will think of MSM when their companies need international partners to do cooperation projects. NANC can work as intermediate and provide a platform for both parties to share information. A formal MSM alumni chapter has therefore been set up with the purpose to celebrate the further collaboration between NANC and MSM.


Direct Objectives

- Offer social networking platform for MSM alumni in China
- Provide career development opportunities for MSM alumni
- Assist marketing promotion and PR campaign of MSM in China
- Assist MSM to create cooperation opportunities with academic organizations, companies in China
- Assist the improvement of education, management quality of MSM through feedback and evaluation from the alumni.



Mr. Min MIAO (Matias)

NANC - MSM Alumni Chapter Coordinator
Alumnus Maastricht School of Management



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