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Written by nanc    Wednesday, 17 December 2008 02:43



Welcome to the site for Business Career Development - your source for career and networking information for NANC alumni and business partners! Our goal is to be the best career site for NANC alumni and the firms that wish to recruit graduates.


To achieve that goal, we have created this dynamically driven web page attached with NANC business service package. In addition, we have joined forces with some of the most outstanding career service organizations to provide alumni/graduates with personal job support nationwide.


The 'NANC Career Development Service Package' was introduced in the beginning of 2005; so far we have 13 partner Dutch (International) companies and many close business contacts (Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China, Netherlands Business Support Office etc.) in China and in the Netherlands.


eg. NANC business partners (with Platinum package) enjoys the follow services:

- Post job vacancies on the NANC website
- Place company logo and link on the NANC website and receive NANC publications
- Obtain a NANC account and have accessibility to the website
- Place company news on NANC website
- Place company news on NANC e-newsletter, and distribute to all members
- Targeted emails will be sent to specific alumni groups (both in China or in the Netherlands) based on the company’s job vacancy requirements
- Get support in exploring Chinese markets as well as promoting business through strong alumni network (connectivity) in both China and the Netherlands
- Receive invitations to NANC networking events and other activities in the region
- Get support in organizing joint themed business events with NANC


** Participation as a partner of NANC during the calendar year is possible and your company will be invoiced according to the number of remaining months in the calendar year. This partnership is extended automatically every year unless we receive a formal partnership cancellation request two months before the end of the calendar year.

For the Dutch / international comany, read more about different packages and services.


Last updated: Dec 2009



Friesland Campina Job Description: Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Friesland Campina Job Description: Customer Management Officer
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