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PhD Alumni Chapter

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Written by nanc    Sunday, 07 April 2013 09:28


NANC PhD Alumni Chapter

Background and history


The Netherlands has the ambition of being a fully fledged knowledge economy by 2016. In recent years, China is developed into a top academic nation within the international arena, and this positive development is not just continuing, but is actually accelerating. The Netherlands welcomes talented researchers from China to the Netherlands. More and more Chinese PhD candidates and academic scholars have completed their academic training in the Netherlands and returned to China to continue their career in the private sector or in Chinese academic institutes.


In 2010, Netherlands was already ranked as the 5th recipient in Europe of China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhD scholarships. In additional, TT China Programme, a Sino-Dutch funding scheme, was also launched by the Dutch government and CSC to support PhD (or higher) studies in the Netherlands.


Chinese alumni who hold a Dutch PhD degree (or higher) are a special kind of Dutch ambassadors who often obtained high ranking positions and therefore can have different needs than other alumni. Since this special group has increased considerably in the past several years, there is a strong need of setting up an alumni network chapter within the NANC operation in China to address their specific needs.


The initial launching event was successfully held on Saturday Nov 27, 2010 in Beijing. A networking dinner reception was hosted by the Netherlands Embassy and Neso China. NANC PhD alumni chapter committee members, Chinese PhD alumni, the China preventatives of several Dutch universities and a delegation of Dutch professors from 5 Dutch research universities (participated in the PhD Workshop China 2010) attended this launching event. (Event photos)




The goal of PhD alumni chapter of NANC is to maintain and expand a special PhD (or higher) academic alumni network in China and to improve the communication amongst these alumni and with their host institutions.



PhD alumni chapter is meant to serve as a platform to provide the means and opportunities for PhD (and higher) academic alumni to develop their professional as well as academic interests, and thereby ultimately improve Sino-Dutch cooperation on scientific research and social development.


 Who can participate?


Chinese individuals who have obtained a PhD degree (or higher) from the Netherlands and who are residing in China; besides, other people (both Chinese and foreign origins, like the Dutch) who have conducted an academic research in a Dutch higher education institution or a research organization in the Netherlands are also very welcome to join this alumni chapter and become a member.


1. PhD Alumni Chapter Committee


A. This alumni chapter has a chapter committee, which consists of one to three member(s) led by a chapter coordinator who is nominated by the NANC alumni, while other members can be nominated by the coordinator. All members committee members should be formally appointed by the Executive Committee of NANC;
B. Committee members communicate with each other on the general (internal and external) affairs; the committee coordinator is expected to keep consistent contact with NANC secretariat on a monthly basis;
C. Tenure of committee members is maximum 4 years; the successor of each committee member can be nominated by the chapter coordinator on the basis of recommendation and self-recommendation and formally approved by the Executive Committee of NANC.
D. Only individuals who have obtained a PhD (or doctorate) degree from a Dutch institution are eligible to become a chapter committee member.


2. Functions & Services of the Sino-Dutch Researcher Network committee


A. To represent and support the Dutch PhD (and scholar) alumni community in China
B. To assist NANC secretariat in organizing alumni meetings for educational, academic and professional purposes;
C. To well connect alumni with NANC Executive Committee and Alumni Officer;
D. To promote cooperation amongst PhD (and scholar) alumni community and between Dutch researchers; and ultimately to promote Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC);
E. Committee coordinator (and members) are expected to give speeches on behalf of NANC and promote the NANC on the occasion of important alumni events and/or Dutch delegation(s) visit in China;


3. Committee Members



Dr. Xiangjun XIONG 熊向军(Committee Coordinator)
     - General Manager, Ankersmid B.V. Beijing Office, since 2004
     - Delft Alumnus 2003, Civil Engineering. Board member of ACSSNL (2000-2003) and PROMOOD (2002)
     - Tsinghua University, 1994, MSc, BSc in Civil Engineering (major) and Computer Science (minor), Tsinghua
     E: xiongxj@gmail.com




Prof. Xuehua LIU 刘雪华(Committee Member)
    - Associated Professor 
    - Institute of Ecology, School of Environment, Tsinghua University  
    - 2008 NANC Distinguished Alumni Award 

- 1998 01 ~ 2001 12:ITC  NL  PhD
     - 1995 08 ~ 2001 04:  ITC  NL  MSc
    - 1988 09 ~ 1991 06:Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS, China MSc
    - 1982 09 ~ 1986 07:Dept. of Biology, Nanjing University, China BSc

    E: xuehua-hjx@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn



Dr. Shi PU 浦石(Committee Member)
   - 2010.05 ~ present: CEO of Beijing Tovos Technology Co. Ltd.
   - 2005.09 ~ 2010.03: International Institute for Geo-information and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, Phd and Post doc in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
    - 2003.09 ~ 2005.07: Delft University of Technology, Master in Knowledge Media Engineering

    E: pushi7@gmail.com


4. Fund for alumni event


    A. PhD alumni chapter events can be organized upon request of the alumni chapter members or on the occasion of Dutch university and/or official visit to China; budget for upon-request event is not covered by NANC budget;
    B. PhD alumni chapter events can be co-organized with the local Dutch community (i.e. Netherlands embassy, BenCham etc.), costs of organizing such an event shall be allocated and shared by all co-organizers based on agreed proportion;
    C. Additional: there can be other material supports on each event sponsored by the Dutch companies and individuals;
    D. The finance of each activity will be managed, supervised and audited by the NANC Alumni Officer.


Friesland Campina Job Description: Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Friesland Campina Job Description: Customer Management Officer
Education World Wide- Country Director
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