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NANC Mission Statement and Objectives

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Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 07 January 2009 01:40



Mission Statement 

The NANC aims to serve as a platform to provide the means and opportunities for its members and partners to improve their communication and empowerment and to promote their social and professional interests, and thereby ultimately improve Sino-Dutch relations.  



The NANC has the following concrete aims and objectives:  

1)    To provide a forum and meeting place for individuals in China with various educational, academic, professional and geographic backgrounds, and those who share a common experience in and affinity for the Netherlands. 

2)    To promote the opportunities for alumni in China to re-establish, maintain and strengthen their contacts and bonds with their former host-institutions and with the Netherlands upon returning or moving to China.  

3)    To enhance the acknowledgment and recognition of alumni and encourage them to be active in seeking contacts with fellow alumni and their former host-institutions.


Friesland Campina Job Description: Executive Assistant/Office Manager
Friesland Campina Job Description: Customer Management Officer
Education World Wide- Country Director
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