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Written by Administrator    Thursday, 17 May 2012 00:00

The NANC has a simple and straightforward organizational set-up, in which the alumni themselves will play the key-roles. The organizational structure of the NANC consists of four main bodies: Recommendation Committee, Executive Committee, NANC Secretariat, and Board of Representatives. This organizational structure is applied in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the strategy for a platform approach of the organization.


A. Recommendation Committee

A Recommendation Committee consisting of highly-respected and well-known alumni of Dutch higher education institutions will also be set up to raise the profile of the NANC. The Recommendation Committee (RC) will consist of approximately 5 members, who will be highly respected, high-ranking persons. Being a DHEI alumnus will not be a prerequisite for selection for the Committee, although it will naturally be preferable.  

The RC members will be invited through recommendation by alumni, schools and board or committee members of the network.

Activities/ Responsibilities
-    The RC will not carry out tasks for the Alumni Network. However, the alumni coordinator will keep the Recommendation Committee (RC) informed about new developments within the Alumni Network organization. Therefore, besides the general newsletter and newsflash, the RC members will also receive the bi-annual reports/annual report from the BoR.       
-     It will not be compulsory for the RC to hold meetings. The RC members will however be allowed to attend all general alumni activities and events free of charge. If they attend these events, this will allow them to be more personally involved and get close-up experience at events. 

A list of potential RC members, all of whom are well-known, highly respected people from different professional circles, is provided down below:
-    The ambassador of the Dutch embassy, Mr. Aart Jacobi

-    The president of TU Delft (the former ambassador of the Dutch embassy), Mr. Dirk Jan van den Berg
-    The Secretary-General of P.R.C for UNESCO, Professor Maotian Fang
-    The President of DSM (China) Ltd. Mr. Weiming Jiang


B. Executive Committee

The NANC Executive Committee (EC) is the core of the Network's organisation. The EC is in charge of the daily operations and decision-making within the NANC about activities and events. The Committee at present consists of active alumni, who also took the initiative for the establishment of the NANC. The EC meets on a regular basis in Beijing.


-  EC members are chosen by part of Board of Representatives who actively perform.
-  Tenure of EC members is 2 years.
-  The NESO China staff member is appointed by NESO China director. 

Activities/ Responsibilities

-  The EC meets on a quarterly basis (or more frequently) to discuss all planned activities, services and the necessary implementation measures;
-  One member is a Neso China staff member, who is responsible for updating other EC members of NESO China’s activities and development.
-  EC members are responsible for assisting alumni officer with organizing all annual general alumni activities for the entire Network, as well as guaranteeing that other general services are organized or facilitated. For important events, EC members preferably are present.
-  Discuss and approve the Annual Report & Year Plan, Budget.
-  The EC needs to ensure that contact between local and specific alumni initiative groups is established and that these will be united under the general Alumni Network. Subsequently, it will play a coordinating, assisting and facilitating role in the organization of all alumni and activities, and will be responsible for ensuring that sustainability remains guaranteed. 


The Executive Committee (EC) consists of a relatively small group of DHEI alumni (12 max.)
-  Mr. Dantao ZHU, NANC Chairman, Researcher of Development Research Center of the State Council, alumnus Tilburg University, 2004.
-  Mr. Zheng CHANG, ITC Representative China, alumnus ITC International  Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, 2003.

-  Mr. Shi PU, CEO of Beijing Tovos Technology Co. Ltd, Committee member of Sino-Dutch Researcher Network Alumni Chapter, alumnus TU Delft, 2005, International Institute for Geo-information and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, 2010
-  Mr. Xiangming HE, External Relations Manager of Philips (Beijing office), alumnus University of Amsterdam, 2008

-  Ms. Jacklyn JIANG, Lecturer of Dutch Language, Foreign Studies Colleague, Communication University of China, alumna Leiden University, 2009

-  Mr. Liang HONG, Homologation Technical Leader, Lenovo, alumnus University of Twente, 2009

- Mr. Bin ZHANG, Sales Director (Chinese Chief Representative), AFPRO Filters B.V. (Beijing & Dezhou office), alumnus University of Groningen, 2006
-  Ms. Maggie TAN, NANC Alumni Officer of Nuffic-Neso China, alumna The Hague University of Applied Sciences 2009, alumna University of Amsterdam 2011
-  Mr. Charles Hoedt, Director of Nuffic Neso China, alumnus Utrecht University of Applied Sciences 1995, University of Amsterdam, 2006, TiasNimbas Business School Tilburg University  2011

-  Ms. Zita HE, Consulant, NANC Shanghai Alumni Chapter Coordinator, alumna Maastricht School of Management, 2005.

- Ms. Jun GU, Human Resource Manager, Century 3 Inc (Shanghai office), alumna University of Twente, 2007 

- Ms. Jun YU, TV dirctor & Marketing strategist, Grand event department, Shanghai TV station, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, 2006

C. NANC Secretariat

Neso China functions as the Secretariat of the NANC and will ensure continuity and sustainability of the Network.

Key Responsibilities:

-   Responsible for the set-up and maintenance of the NANC website (http://nanc.nesochina.org), database and Alumni Directory
-   Organizes the meetings of the EC and other boards
-   Maintain and expand the network of alumni as well as the network of Dutch partner institutions
-   Initiate new activities that will increase the visibility and position of NANC as a professional alumni organisation on a cost recovery basis
-   Develop and implement a strategy to use NANC as a job placement platform for interested international companies based in China
-   Provides administrative and secretarial support for NANC events including upon-request events
-   Assist and support partner institutions with their alumni activities in China
-   Responsible for all NANC publications (brochures, website, e-newsletter)
-   Maintain effective functioning of the Technical Support Platform (website, database and email system)
-   Regular meetings with the NANC organizing committee and board of representatives
-   Faciliate to prepare and produce budgets and promotional materials
-   Supervise and make NANC Management Report, Year Olans and Activity Reports.


NANC can be reached at the following address:

Ms. Maggie TAN, NANC Alumni Officer
Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC)

Neso China

Room 1006 Tonggang Building
N0.2 Huayuan North Street
Xicheng District
Beijing 100032,  P. R. China
T: +86 10 66117936/38 ext 202
F: +86 10 66125706 



D. Board of Representatives 

In 2005, the NANC intents to establish a Board of Representatives (BoR), consisting of at least one alumnus for each Dutch higher education institution. The BoR will serve as an advisory board to the EC and ensure that the interests and ideas of various alumni groups are properly represented. It will also guarantee that the NANC will enjoy broad support as well as effective communication between the NANC, and its partners and members.    

The following Dutch institutions have appointed at least one representative:

-  Amsterdam School of Business
-  Avans Hogeschool
-  Delft University of Technology
-  Eindhoven University of Technology
-  Erasmus University of Rotterdam
-  Fontys University of Applied Sciences
-  HAN University of Applied Sciences (Arnhem Business School)
-  Maastricht University
-  Maastricht School of Management
-  Saxion University of Applied Sciences
-  TiasNimbas Business School (a part of Tilburg University)
-  Tilburg University
-  University of Groningen
-  University of Twente
-  Utrecht University
-  Vrije Universiteit
-  IHS (a faculty of Erasmus University of Rotterdam)
-  ITC (a faculty of University of Twente)


E. Active Member Recruitment

To ensure communication between you and other alumni members, and your former Dutch host- institution(s) runs effectively, NANC is alwasys ooking for enthusiastic alumni who want to play an active role in the Executive Committee and/or Board of Representatives.

Are you interested in joining NANC, and acting as a contact person between the NANC, your former host-institution, and the alumni community in China? Or perhaps you are familiar with someone else who might be willing and able to operate as such a contact person?

Then please inform us as soon as possible by e-mail ->  nanc@nesochina.org or by phone: +86(0)10-6611 1976/38 ext. 202.  
There are several positions on the Board of Representatives for the following host Dutch institutions:

-  Hogeschool University, University of Applied Sciences
-  ISS (a faculty of Erasmus University of Rotterdam)
-  INHolland University of Applied Sciences
-  Nyenrode Business University
-  Rotterdam Business School
-  Stenden Hogeschool
-  The Hague University of Applied Sciences
-  University of Amsterdam
-  University of Leiden
-  Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences
-  Wageningen University and Research Center
-  Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Zuyd)


Last updated: May, 2013


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