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Written by nanc    Monday, 09 March 2009 06:40


NANC Nanjing Alumni Chapter is currently looking for new commitee members!

Interested? please send an email with your CV to NANC Alumni Officer Ms. Maggie Tan via  nanc@nesochina.org.


Our goal is to maintain and expand Nanjing alumni network, as well as improve the communication amongst the alumni themselves and with their host institutions. Nanjing is ranked as the third city in terms of alumni number. In order to better serve the alumni and continue to grow in a positive way, Nanjing Alumni Chapter was established in March 2009. 



photo: Dutch Business & Alumni Meeting - Mar 12 2009


1.       Nanjing Alumni Chapter Committee


A.           The local chapter has a local committee, which consists maximum 3 members led by the chapter coordinator. The coordinator is nominated by NANC secretariat, while other members nominated by the coordinator. All members of local committee should be formally appointed by the Executive Committee of NANC.

B.            As the first candidate, Mr. ZHANG Tianyao (Jeremy) is nominated as the coordinator of NANC Nanjing alumni chapter.

C.           Committee members work together on the general (internal and external) affairs; the committee is expected to meet on regular base to discuss the chapter issues.

D.           Tenure of local committee members is maximum 2 years; successor of each committee member can be nominated by chapter coordinator on the basis of recommendation and self-recommendation and formally approved by NANC. 

2.       Website

A.        The chapter coordinator may send any chapter related news to NANC alumni officer, to announce the information online under ALUMNI AFFAIRS of ‘News & Updates’ section.

B.        The local committee has limited access to NANC Nanjing alumni directory (direct contacts); 

3.       Fund

A.        The local committee is responsible to promote ‘NANC Career Development Partnership’ and to attract more local companies to become NANC business partners;

B.        The Nanjing chapter alumni activity can be sponsored by NANC Nanjing-based business partner(s), which has signed up a business partnership, approached by local committee.

C.        Additional: there can be other material supports on each event by Dutch companies and individuals;

D.        The finance of each activity will be managed, supervised and audited by NANC secretariat.

E.        NANC may give partially financial support the regional annual event. The local committee needs to make a proposal; and chapter coordinator shall discuss directly with NANC alumni coordinator. 

4.       Functions & Services of local committee

A.        To organize alumni meetings, social events for educational, academic, professional and business purposes;

B.        To well connect with NANC alumni coordinator;

C.        To promote NANC organization in the region on behalf of NANC;

D.        To build up and maintain a close relationship with NBSO Nanjing and local business sectors (to be linked with NANC career services);

E.        To make good connection with ‘International communication department’ of Communication University of China, Nanjing and other top CHIEs in the region;

F.        Nanjing chapter coordinator is also responsible to make event review and quarterly summary of activities.

G.       The local committee is responsible to make an annual activity plan to NANC alumni coordinator.

H.        The local committee shall provide logistics and material support on the organization of Neso China pre-departure seminar in the region, and have a good communication with NANC alumni coordinator.

5. NANC Nanjing Chapter QQ Group:   82572248

6. Contacts


Mr. Tianyao ZHANG (Jeremy)     
NANC Nanjing Alumni Chapter Coordinator
Alumnus, INHolland University of Applied Sciences

Mob: 13851406285    
E-mail: zhang_tianyao@hotmail.com


Mr. Liang GUO (Frank)       
NANC Nanjing chapter local committee member
Alumnus, Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Applied Sciences

Mob: +86-13952009249

E-mail: liang.guo@gmail.com




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