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Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 04 February 2009 09:44


Welcome to Netherlands Alumni Network in China (collectively, ‘NANC’), a non for profit organization for and by all alumni of Chinese, Dutch or other nationalities who studied or engaged in academic research in the Netherlands and now live in China. It is set up with the support of Netherlands Education Support Office China (Neso China) which functions as the NANC’s secretariat and is funded by 32 Dutch universities and higher education institutions.


The network aims to serve as a platform to provide the means and opportunities for its members and partners to improve their communication and empowerment and to promote their social and professional interests, and thereby ultimately improve Sino-Dutch relations.


By accessing our website at http://nanc.nesochina.org (collectively, ‘the Site’), you (the "User") signify that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use ("Terms of Use" or "Agreement"), whether or not you are a registered member of NANC. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of these Terms of Use at any time without further notice. If we do this, we will post the changes to these Terms of Use on this page and will indicate at the top of this page the date these terms were last revised. Your continued use of the Site after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms of Use. If you do not agree to abide by these or any future Terms of Use, do not use or access (or continue to use or access) the Site. It is your responsibility to regularly check the Site to determine if there have been changes to these Terms of Use and to review such changes.


Terms and Conditions for the use of the NANC logo

   a. The name ‘Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC)’, its logos and other promotional materials and photographs related to NANC (including any that appear on its Web site) are copyrighted materials. Upon approval with a written acceptance by NANC, you may use the logo that you receive by e-mail as you receive it.

   b. If use of NANC logo is permitted under this Terms and Conditions, the name ‘Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC)’ must always be used in its entirety.

   c. Any material (including Web-based and printed promotion materials) using NANC logo must be submitted for approval prior to being printed or circulated. NANC would like to receive a PDF file to assess whether the logo has been used correctly.

   d. Please note that there are a number of restrictions:
        - The logo may never be manipulated graphically.
        - It is not allowed to either make the logo broader or narrower.
        - Vertical use, as sometimes seen on doors or flags, is not allowed.
        - The logo may only be used by itself.
        - If the logo is placed in a photo, you must ensure that the logo does not overlap the subject in the photo. The background of the logo must be as empty as possible.

   e. The user does not have the explicit authority to transfer the right granted to him/her to a third party or to a legal successor.

   f. NANC reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke the use of the logo should:
        - NANC logo be used improperly
        - NANC logo be used in a way which conflicts with the interests of NANC





 Last revised: September 16, 2009 | Beijing



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