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Written by nanc    Monday, 23 February 2009 00:00





“桔子社区”论坛升级 (see below for English version)

2010年2月 |  北京


经过了几个月的精心准备,桔子社区已于近日完成改版升级。新的论坛选用了时下最为流行的Discuz系统。不仅让用户拥有熟悉的操作界面,而且使论坛未来加载新的功能成为可能。除此之外,Nuffic Neso China 专门开发了帐户同步系统。使所有使用Neso服务的用户,如Neso证书认证人,OTS奖学金申请者,乃至NANC校友网注册用户都可以使用自己已有的帐号登录新版的BBS,这将大大提升用户体验满意度。


在这个社区中,无论是有意去荷兰留学的学生和家长,还是有意来中国留学的荷兰学生,以及已经参加留荷校友会的人,都可以在论坛中畅所欲言,发帖提问、交流心得、索取 Nuffic Neso China 的资料,以及参加 Nuffic Neso China、荷兰学校以及中国荷兰校友会的活动。


新版的BBS除了在结构和功能上改进外,对版块也重新进行了划分。针对院校信息较缺乏的状况, Neso China将邀请荷兰高校代表,直接参与“荷兰高校”版块,同时在荷兰就读的中国留学生或已毕业的荷兰校友也会为用户提供信息,解惑答疑等。目前除格罗宁根大学正式加入外,马斯特里赫特大学,INHolland大学以及萨克逊应用科学大学也在积极准备中。在“荷兰校友会”版块中,“中国荷兰校友(NANC)”会负责人李杨女士,将做为版主在线与您交流感兴趣的话题,同时充分利用这个在线平台为校友组织更多的校友活动。





"Orange Community" Forum Upgraded


Feb 2010 | Beijing | Neso China


After several months of careful preparation, Oranges Community has completely upgraded. The new forum has selected the most popular system Discuz. Not only enables users to have a familiar interface, but also enables the forum to load new features in the future. In addition, Neso China has specifically designed the account synchronization system. This new system will enable all users of Neso China’s services, such as the applicants of NESO Certificate, the applicants of OTS scholarship as well as the registered NANC alumni, to use their existing account to log into the upgraded BBS system online, which will gradually enhance the user experiences and eventually create a user-oriented platform for better information sharing.


In addition to the structural and functional improvements, the upgraded BBS has a new interface on each new section.


In order to provide more up to date information about Dutch Institutions, the "Dutch Institutions" section is created; representatives of Dutch higher education institutions will provide more information of the program, FAQ and so forth, while Chinese students currently studying in the Netherlands or the graduated alumni will also be invited to communicate with users more directly. At present, the University of Groningen has formally joined, besides the Maastricht University, INHolland University of Applied Science, and Saxon University of Applied Sciences University that are presently working on the preparation.


In "NANC" section, Ms. Selano Li, the NANC officer, will take the role of the moderator to talk with you on topics of your most interest; moreover she will take full advantage of this online platform to organize more interesting Alumni activities.


Welcome to the "Orange Community", you can share your experiences, discuss your problems, and make new friends!






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