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  • 2015/04/20
  • Sino-Dutch Salon
  • Neso China aims to provide you with valuable knowledge of Holland by tapping into all areas of ‘Dutchness’ ...
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  • 2015/04/08
  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) - Senior Project Manager West China
  • The Senior Project Manager for West China is located in the NFIA West China office, that is part ...
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  • 2015/02/11
  • Neso China’s education campaign continues in 2015
  • Neso China has developed a strategic plan to promote Dutch higher education in 2015. Among the key factors ...
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  • 2015/02/03
  • Netherlands Minister of Economic Affairs Visits China
  • Mr Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, will travel to the Chinese cities of Beijing, ...
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  • 2015/01/08
  • NANC AGE 2014: “Everyone is a movie star”
  • The Netherlands Alumni Network China (NANC) held its Annual General Event (AGE) successfully on Saturday, 13, December, 2014 ...
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  • 6093 Alumni are Registered.
  • Most Alumni are based in beijing.
  • Most Alumni studied in Delft University of Technology.
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Welcome to NANC

This is the new website of NANC, the Netherlands Alumni Network China. This site provides you with the opportunity of getting and staying in touch with your fellow alumni and with your Dutch host institution. You can find information of alumni events and activities through the 'Event Calendar'; you can view the pictures through 'Photo Gallery'. In addition, we will keep you updated with the news of the Netherlands via NANC e-Newsletter which is issued once every two months. If you are not yet a member of NANC, you are encouraged to join us by filling in the registration form. Let’s stay in touch with the Dutch!
2015-04-21 17:17
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Thank you, Marrik! As an alumna, I'll be always willing to contribute to alumni relations in China.Although I'm in another position now,but all my connections in China are together with me. Reply To: Marrik
2015-03-27 21:01
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Dear Maggie Tan, its a pity you have to leave NANC, thank you for all the good work and wishing you all the best for the future, 谢谢!
2015-02-10 11:13
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Hi there! I am a Dutch student from the UvA living in Beijing for two months for fieldwork among Chinese who studied in the Netherlands and who returned to China afterwards. Are you one of them and do you want to meet to talk about your experiences in the Netherlands and in China? Please email me: mayke_ebbers@hotmail.com
2014-11-28 17:59
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Hi! Are there alumni students here of Business Communication, Communication Sciences or Marketing? please contact me or send an e-mail to studiereis@svbabylon.nl :)
2014-11-18 10:50
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