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  • 2014/09/17
  • New Neso Director Charles Hoedt starts his job in China
  • New Neso China director Charles Hoedt has arrived and began working for the office in Beijing this September. ...
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  • 2014/08/08
  • Newly Alumni Ambassadors awarded at NANC Summer Gathering 2014
  • With the great feedback of NANC Summer Gathering event last year, the Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC) ...
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  • 2014/06/18
  • Holland Science House on China PhD Fair
  • Interested in recruiting students from the best Chinese universities? You are welcome to participate in the Holland Science ...
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  • 2014/06/10
  • Chinese alumni wanted for pre-departure briefings
  • NANC would like to invite recent returned alumni of Dutch universities and institutions to the Neso China pre-departure ...
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  • 2014/06/09
  • Holland Alumni World Cup 2014 Pool
  • Nuffic invites international students and alumni from all over the world to participate in the Holland Alumni World ...
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  • Most Alumni are based in beijing.
  • Most Alumni studied in Delft University of Technology.
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Welcome to NANC

This is the new website of NANC, the Netherlands Alumni Network China. This site provides you with the opportunity of getting and staying in touch with your fellow alumni and with your Dutch host institution. You can find information of alumni events and activities through the 'Event Calendar'; you can view the pictures through 'Photo Gallery'. In addition, we will keep you updated with the news of the Netherlands via NANC e-Newsletter which is issued once every two months. If you are not yet a member of NANC, you are encouraged to join us by filling in the registration form. Let’s stay in touch with the Dutch!
zhang kun
2014-09-30 4:16
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你在哪所大学Reply To: MaggieTan
2014-08-13 4:55
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Hi there, there r photos of the Summer Gathering Event in SH, please find them in our photo gallery: http://nanc.nesochina.org/index.php?option=com_rsgallery2&gid=105&Itemid=66 Reply To: YanruZhang2014
2014-07-31 6:39
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hello there why there is no photos of gathering in Shanghai in PhotoGallery? Reply To: MaggieTan
2014-05-14 6:36
0 Reply
yes,probably, end of June in Beijing. I'll publish more information to all when it is confirmed. Reply To: kelly_kkee
2014-04-21 8:18
1 Reply
Any RBS alumni dinner in Beijing?
2014-05-14 6:36
0 Reply
yes,probably, end of June in Beijing. I'll publish more information to all when it is confirmed
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